For some of you, locking your dick up has been part of your pathetic servitude for years. For others, Locktober was your first experience with chastity and as the month comes to an end it has left you wondering, “What do I do with my nub now”?

No worries, clitdick, Daddy Jax is here and has the answers you need. Nubvember is the continuance of your path towards ultimate servitude and complete transformation to your lowest form.

If you are either feeling the urge to lock your clit up and need a place to start, or if you are looking to continue your chastity beyond Locktober, then welcome to your new home.

Nubvember is all about giving up control and embracing what it means to commit and trust your Alpha. Join my OnlyFans and be on the lookout for my Nubvember Videos next month!

I am always available for special “coaching” sessions on Skype ($65/10 minute session). I can talk you through putting your cage on, I can torture you by showing my throbbing alpha cock while your nub strains in its cage, I can remind you over and over how your dick muscles are atrophying and dying—removing any ounce of manliness from you—turning you into my perfect submissive chastity slave.

Sign up, book a session, comment on the video along with your fellow locked up brothers. Again, welcome to your new home.