Faggots. I am sitting here at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica waiting on my delayed flight back to the United States, and I figured now would be a good time to write up a quick blog post telling you fucks what an awesome time I had.

Because I have already traveled around the world once, I have friends and servants in nearly every county. On this trip, I met up with several good Costa Rican friends as well as getting a surprise visit from a Finnish friend who happened to be vacationing in Panama. There was also a travel blogger chick that I’ve known for years who happened to be living in the same small beach town I was staying in, so I had lots of friends to explore the jungle with.

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Yeah, faggot. I am perfect. I am your God. Go Tribute to my perfection.

My beach bungalow was nice as fuck. It was located right across the street from a hidden Caribbean beach, so I spent lots of time taking random swims at all hours. Costa Ricans must have tiny dicks, because the chicks could not stop staring at my swinging dick through my wet gym shorts whenever I walked by on the beach. That definitely provided some amusement for myself and the locals haha. Normally I wear swim trunks with the built-in netting to hold my package in place, but I somehow forgot to bring my bathing suits to the beach… so this time it was all going commando in gym shorts.

One day I hired a boat to take me to the far side of the national park, and then I hiked for several hours through the park and back to the other side. It was fucking amazing hiking up the cliffs right next to the sea with howler monkeys screeching over my head. I even saw a few sloths up in the trees and an iguana that must have been 4 feet long. Also, I didn’t see another person until I got to the other side of the park, which was very relaxing.

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Foot Master Jax Size 15 Feet

The best part is that everything is being paid for by my slaves. Every day I would get back to my bungalow after hiking to a waterfall or snorkeling, and there would be a nice list of tributes and vid sale notifications waiting in my email for me to take pride in.

@FagFeetSlave gets his new credit card this week, and we will be celebrating his anniversary of service… that’s going to be fun! @Weak (a member of the $500 Club) is also getting hornier and hornier to serve so no doubt that cunt will have another big tribute coming this week. @FHoleSlave sent some nice tributes this week while I was vacation, and messaged today telling me how excited he is getting for his Jaxmas draining. Fucking faggots just lining up to hand over cash.

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Photo I took while out hiking

This morning I drained @slavetomeurope, and then he posted on my homepage how hard it made it tiny dick… that fucker will be back for more soon. Yesterday I had @lonwayne purchase one of the two latest vids that I have put up on the site—both are priced at $50 because they both contain clips of my fat 8” alpha cock… first the faggot bought one. He watched it several times, then quickly came back to buy the other. Just like that my superior genetics win again… $100 of his slave cash into my account.

Best part about those vids is that I make one 10 minute vid of me out camping and getting drunk and flashing my big dick, and then I get thousands of dollars from the sales. How much do you faggots make in 10 minutes? Probably not a few grand, and this is just from me being my awesome self. I take a piss and film the stream of my golden alpha urine and then you fuckers pay me a thousand bucks just to sit in awe and watch. Hahaha. What fucking inferior faggots you are.

Battery is dying on my laptop, and I feel like getting a couple shots of tequila before the flight. I’m gonna head out, and you fuckers are going to go buy more vids and drool over your God, Master Jax.

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My ALPHA arms and pecs keep growing.