Slaves, your King has been living it up down in Costa Rica. For those who have been following me for years, you will know that this is my 4th trip down to this area of Costa Rica, and it is my favorite vacation destination in the world.

I had an amazing time catching up with my friends there, swimming every morning in the ocean, taking crazy long hikes on remote trails, and dropping my seed in a few locals. Latin pussy is the wettest and latin ass is the smoothest. This King’s dick got spoiled.

This trip was all about relaxation, so I left my laptop closed and didn’t spend much time online– I know you fucks are hungry for some alpha interaction… and to drop cash in my pocket. Unlike most other Alpha’s in the scene who are struggling week to week trying to get by, I’ve hit a point where I really don’t need a thing… my video sales and OnlyFans subscriptions alone are enough to fully pay my lifestyle without having to do anything. BUTTTT, I just fucking love draining.

A couple highlights from the week were ThongSlave dropping $200 in my pocket. And my faggot DuttonSlave splurging with another $305. FHoleSlave also sent a $75 unsolicited tribute, and those are my favorites. DionSlave sent a lot of $15 and $30 tips on OnlyFans, which definitely add up each week. Countless vid sales also drove up my total. This entire trip I paid for with the $2000 in cash I had a slave bring me in NYC the day before I flew down here.

I’m at the airport now waiting for my flight to Guatemala where I’ll be spending a week in Lake Atitlan. Super excited to check out this location, as it has been on my list for years now. If you have tributed to me this year or bought one of my videos, then your little dick should be getting hard knowing that you are adding to my cash pile and watching me use it to really get the most out of life.

I also took some time to look at property by the beach down here. Since this is my favorite place in the world and I’ve been coming here for six years now, I figured it’s about time I take the plunge and begin building my compound. I spent a few days with realtors and also meeting owners that I found myself. I found the perfect spot, and the lot is $50,000. It is in the jungle with lots of huge trees and a small stream– 4 minute walk to my favorite deserted beach. Mark my words—I’m going to KILL it in NYC draining you fucks and doing real time meets until I have my $50k—which won’t take very long at all. Then I’m buying my little piece of paradise with your cash. And you watch me design and build my house.

Then you fucks are going to pay out of the ass to fly down and worship me in paradise. It’s hot as balls, humid as fuck, and when I’m there I sweat like only an Alpha could. I LOVE IT.

I like my slaves to sacrifice. I like them to give up luxuries in life and live on the bare minimum so that everything extra can go to a real man with an Alpha life. I like them to tribute, and then send me a message telling me what they had to give up to be able to tribute. And I love showing off all the amazing things I’m doing living life to the fullest with their cash.

Now, fuckers, I am going to catch my flight, and you are going to send me more cash.

And don’t forget to create and account and leave a comment so I know which of my bitches read this 😉