Read the fucking title. Yes, I am the world’s foremost Master having already spent 3 years making one trip around the world. Next year I will circle the globe once more starting in Europe and draining fags all along the way. Today, I am in Costa Rica on another vacation… another vacation? Yes… this is how a King lives, a vacation anytime he wants. And what about next month? Yes, another vacation!! I will be jumping on a 5-day cruise in the Caribbean in January—not a bad way to spend the winter.

Size 15 Feet

Master Jax’s Size 15 (EU 50.5) Feet

And while I’m hiking, kayaking, ziplining, boating, flying, swimming, and soaking up the sun, my team of slaves is working hard to pay for it all and more.

Look at these fucking pictures. Look at how my muscles keep growing. My looks only improve with age. My life only gets better. I actually just stopped typing this to do 25 pushups on the front porch of my beach cabin. I love feeling the blood flow into my arms. I love feeling my muscles working and growing. Then I check my email and see @FagFeetSlave is back and trying to make a $200 tribute. Also, had two vid sales of $50 and $35… so while I just sit here swinging in my hammock by the Caribbean hundreds of dollars are flowing into my acct.

2016-12-06 07.41.15-2

Pure Perfection. Alpha genetics at their finest. Worship. Serve. Obey.

Yesterday I took some yoga classes in the morning. This is the view from the yoga deck located atop Cashew Hill in southern Costa Rica. The views are of the Caribbean Sea and primary rainforest. As I increase the intensity of my weightlifting my muscles are growing and tightening. Adding yoga to my regiment is a way to compliment my weight lifting my stretching my muscles and allowing me to utilize them to their full potential. It’s all about bringing out my full potential.

Do you utilize yourself to your full potential in serving your Master? Is there more you could be doing to improve your ability to tribute? Ways to cut expenses, produce more income, and work more efficiently?

As you watch me improve my life more and more, I want my slaves to use that as an example of how they can work harder and sacrifice more on my behalf.

The year is coming to an end. This is your chance to really push yourself to new limits in order to get my cash totals to another recording breaking year. (Just stopped to do another 25 pushups)… growth!

Now go grow my cash total, slave.

2016-12-06 17.14.56

Sunset at the beach last night. This is the life your Master deserves.