by codyslave

Master Jax will be arriving at my home tomorrow for three days, during which I will serve him as his foot slave. If you told me three months ago that this would be happening, I would have first asked “who is Master Jax?” and then started laughing at the idea. Yet this is what is happening and I could not be more excited. I wanted to write a brief explanation of why I became Master Jax’s slave and why I continue to worship and tribute him.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep-seated hunger for men’s feet (particularly big ones) and have been incredibly turned on by displays of power and confidence. I don’t think of myself as a loser – in my daily life, I have a fairly healthy level of self-esteem and I suspect people see me as an ambitious, successful person. However, my personal and professional lives have long required me to be a decision maker, to take responsibility for situations – and it exhausts me. I have longed for the chance to just have decisions made for me and to put myself in moments of uncertainty where I had some basic sense of physical and psychological safety.

So when I encountered Master Jax online, all of those things came together – the confident presence, the huge sexy feet, the control over my life, and as became clear through my interactions with him, the sense of safety. I had found the man who pushed every one of my “hot buttons.” And every morsel of attention I received – his YouTube videos, blog updates, Skype chats, and email exchanges – fueled a growing desire to shower him with attention, praise, and yes, even tributes (more on that in a second). And my displays of loyalty were rewarded in quirky but intensely hot ways – shout outs in his YouTube videos, 1-on-1 time watching his feet on Skype, and eventually his decision to visit me (at my expense).

Now, my limited experience in the world of BDSM suggests to me that there are many submissives/slaves out there who see the idea of paying tributes as a “third rail,” or a line that should never be crossed. For a long time, I did as well. And in our first email exchange, Master Jax gently but firmly encouraged me to buy him a pack of socks – for $20. When I saw this in writing, all sorts of fireworks went off in my head. I said to myself, “no way!” “you can’t do this,” “this is a slippery slope” and so many other things. But, after realizing it was the equivalent cost of a round of beers, I gave in to the hunger to serve and bought the socks. Master Jax acknowledged it without ever thanking me – which is exactly how I had hoped it would play out.

And so over the last few months, I have made more tributes to Master Jax. Most of the gifts have been given because I wanted to please him. I take great pleasure in seeing Master Jax wear the sandals I bought him.

Lastly, and this is important for you to understand. Master Jax is not here to provide free entertainment to the world. For those of you who send him messages begging for attention, craving him to respond to you on Skype or Recon, etc., you need to keep in mind that he is not here to serve you like a volunteer at a soup kitchen. We all have different financial means, and interacting with a Master like Master Jax requires sacrifice on your part. Skip one night a week at the bar, bring your lunch to work a few days a week, stop buying your coffee at Starbucks and make it at home. If you make the sacrifice, you will earn the time you know you desire with Master Jax.

And I can assure you that Master Jax takes the time to get to know each slave individually – to figure out what makes them tick, what get them hard, and personalizes his approach to each of us. For instance, he knows that I am scared to death of being blackmailed or publicly exposed, and so that never comes into any of our interactions. Yet, he also very quickly figured out that I like feeling inferior. And so now I write “SLAVE” on my cock every morning in black magic marker – unless I have permission not to do so.

In summary, my mind is so much clearer, the air smells fresher, and the colors I see are so much more vibrant from having this personal devotion to Master Jax. And yeah, his size 15s are fucking amazing, and very soon, I will be surrendering to them in every imaginable way. If you have read this far, it’s because you know you want to serve him too – so stop worrying about what it means or fretting about the consequences, and jump aboard the slave ship. You know you want to please Him, and now is the time to make that happen.