Yesterday, I had the pleasure of inducting another slave into my stable of faggots. This slave followed each of the steps outlined in Becoming an Official Slave of Master Jax before ever even contacting me. This is definitely a good way for a faggot to show devotion right from the start. One of the steps in becoming my slave is writing up a summary of service for that day. This is what the faggot wrote about the experience:

“I have been an inferior fag all my life and never really wondered how to make up for it until I found Master Jax website. I knew immediately I had found someone to own, humiliate, torment and black mail me for being a fag. I immediately made the minimum $50 deposit and my little fag dick got hard straight away, I knew this was right and got straight into the survey answering as best I can getting even more excited as I was saying yes to contracts, humiliation etc.

Once finished, I made my tax payment of 100 and then straight into the wish list for sunglasses. I could barely contain the joy and excitement for the future.

I nearly exploded as I joined the 200 club but didn’t so I could proudly take my picture and feel at ease for the future.

I t ributed $460 in total and know this is only the start of service for a great master.



<UPDATE> About 30 minutes after sending this, the slave paid another $100 Inferiority Tax. This brings his total up to $560 for the day. As reward for its service, I allowed the slave to cum. This morning I woke up to another tribute from the slave as it was so excited it spun the wheel while I slept.

MasterJaxSlave Pic