Seems like I just returned from a vacation in Cancun… and NYC… and North Carolina… and my cruise… and Taxco… Fuck, I take a lot of vacations! Now it looks like I am headed to LA from Dec. 3-8 for some relaxation and real time meets with my Cali faggots.

I’m going to be staying in Hollywood and the best days for a meet would be Dec. 4th or 7th as I already have plans for the weekend.

I’m only interested in meeting fags for domination, foot worship, and cash raping. Check out my Real Time Meet page for details about scheduling real-time meets with me.

Straight Cash Master

You fuckers who have been following me for some time know that I live a life like no other. Constantly getting worshiped, constantly traveling, and always taking the best of what life has to offer. Nah, I don’t sit around working and slaving away, because that is not what nature gives to the cream of the crop.

Nature has designed you inferior slaves to fall in line behind true alpha males like myself and to remove the burden of work from our shoulders so that we may bask in all that life has to offer. This is why I can travel so much, and you are stuck behind a desk. But you are lucky to have a Master as generous as myself to share my awesome life with you faggots.

So go ahead and type in that tribute and hit send. Start piling cash into my account so I can live it up in LA next month. This is what your life is all about now.

1. Type in your tribute amount 2. Press the “Tribute” button 3. Fill out your payment information 4. Repeat…

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