Yesterday I posted the Day 25 vid on Youtube which featured my old pair of tennis shoes. I offered the shoes for sale to the first buyer to contact me for $125… Within an hour I had the shoes sold to SlaveRussell for $250 plus shipping.

AwesomeIf you are ever wondering who the real Master is… now you know.

Here is the email from the slave who bought my shoes:

“Master, I don’t have paypal. I have NiteFlirt but, preferably, can you make a basic donation campaign for $220 and send me the link? $220 is for your added trouble. I’ll also pay for all the shipping when the time comes. Money is no problem. I’ll guarantee payment.
Thank you!!

It’s a privilege to serve you.”

That’s how it’s done. You are welcome SlaveRussell. I expect you to send some pictures back with your feet next to my shoes and a thank you note along with it!