CashCunts, you have probably noticed that I have been quiet this last month. I’ve been doing some work on the back-end of the website, and now all my tributes and video sales have been moved over to The new website has the same design as this one, and if you are logged in here, you will be logged in there. The change was needed to separate my graphic blog posts from where my payments are done. This keeps everything compliant with Visa and MasterCard’s new rules.

I also removed the old activity feed on the homepage. I replaced this with my Twitter feed. I also automated the system so that tributes made on this site are automatically posted to my Twitter feed, which then appear on the homepage. This streamlines everything and prevents duplication of posts.


Not only do I have superior feet, looks and cock- my intelligence knows no match!

CASH LOG– The next project is automation of the Cash Log. I don’t like that the cash log is not being updated, but there is so much cash coming in now that the old methods of manual updates don’t work. Not even a dedicated slave could keep up with the work of sorting through all the tributes and accurately updating the log to my standards. Where most people would see this as a brick wall incapable of being overcome, I see it as an opportunity to change the whole system. Not only will I get over the brick wall, I’ll fucking knock that brick wall down and turn it into a bridge to cross the next obstacle. When you are this superior, you can be unconditionally confident.

ONLY FANS – I have increased the monthly subscription fee to $50. I understand that stretches the budgets of some of you. GOOD! As I grow and overcome obstacles, so will you. This is an opportunity for you fags to cut back on expenses and step it up by working harder and smarter. My OnlyFans page now contains 120 Photos and 75 Videos. It is growing every day as I add more content. $50 is a fucking steal, and you should be thanking me for taking your money, and being so generous. My content is absolutely unparalleled. I have size 15 feet, an 8 inch dick, a perfect face, hot alpha body, hairy strong ass, powerful stream of piss… my cumshots are fucking out of this world.

BOAT FUND – I am also changing this up. Before I buy a boat I want to do some more traveling. So, boat purchase is on hold until after I finish doing some backpacking and traveling. I am leaving Florida on March 31st when my lease ends. My first stop is going to be Washington DC. I have rented an apartment there for the entire month of April about 1.5 miles from the White House. You fags paid for this of course. Second stop will be NYC. I have rented an apartment in the Upper East Side a couple blocks from Central Park for the entire month of May. After that, my plans are open but likely to include stops in Europe, Chicago, Philly, LA, San Francisco, Colorado, South America…

REAL TIME MEETS– As I will be traveling to major cities around the world, I’m going to intensify my real time usage of fags. I will keep you fuckers posted about my upcoming travel plans, most likely creating a section on the homepage or a separate webpage with my travel schedule. I plan to spend about 1 month in each city to give me time to use all the fags until they are broke. Then I will move on. Like I said, I am the most intelligent cash master 😉 -MJ