Faggots, you have outdone yourselves once again. I just updated the Cash Log after neglecting it for 2 months, and you fuckers have tributed over $13,000 in the last 9 weeks proving I am the best Cash Master in the world! That is fucking amazing, and it doesn’t even include the Amazon gifts I get.

2017-06-14 18.58.20 HDR

Some notable slaves to point out- ffcdama got drained over $1000 in a single day, and SydneySlave is back tributing like a good bitch. FagFeetSlave spent his last $191 to reimburse me for my fishtank. SG is back with a new name, but still doing everything he can to support his Alpha King. RayFag and MexSlave are real time slaves that have both tributed hundreds in the last couple months. BradfordSlave, MaxSlave and YessirSlave have been sending near daily tributes. JesusSlave is saving up to become an official slave… What amazes me is that I can go two months without posting a blog post or YouTube video and still be draining an avg of over $200 per day. That takes a level of commitment from faggots that is unmatched in my experience.

The last two months have been pretty epic. I put a lot of focus on Twitter and social media, which has brought in lots of new faggots and cash. If you are not following my Twitter, you should do that now. OnlyFans is blowing up. That is a subscription site where I post exclusive pictures and videos. Right now I have about 20 subscribers paying $15 a month… a number that just keeps growing.

2017-07-20 10.18.14 HDR

I have also made some changes to the live cam on this site. It no longer exists. I have instead been doing live shows a few times a week on Chaturbate under the screen name AlphaMasterJax. I find it to be a more stable platform and it allows me to show off my alpha bulge and cock without violating any terms. If you want to get an email every time I get on live cam, then create a chaturbate account and go to my profile, then click “follow”.

Speaking of showing off my dick. I have been told recently that it is against protocol for a Master to show his cock, and this is upsetting others in the scene. I don’t fucking care. I am a Master with a huge perfect dick and it is a symbol of my superiority which I proudly show whenever the fuck I want to. If you are a fag or Master who doesn’t like that, then go somewhere else—this is my domain.

2017-07-28 01.49.49
Last thing I wanted to mention is that I am using email (Jax10060@gmail.com) and WhatsApp to communicate with slaves outside of my website. My WhatsApp is only for slaves who have already tributed more than $50. If that applies to you, shoot me a message or email and I will give you my WhatsApp contact. If you want that to apply to you… send your tribute.