Lot of you slaves have been messaging me on Skype asking what I have been up to this weekend.. so here is the run down:

I Scheduled a real-time session with RJSlave in the US for Jun 17-20. So I will be traveling up to the states later this week. I already had RJSlave buy the airline tickets and take care of the lodging. Then I had him send me $100. Now I am sending instructions on which attractions I want to see and having him make reservations and buy tickets. He will also be buying me a new camera upon arrival so I can film this bitch worshiping my feet.

I am selling 10 minute custom vids with RJSlave. You will have to email me with what you want to see me do to RJSlave or what you want RJSlave to say or do (be creative) and you will have to send your payment in advance. Jax@MasterJax.com

Besides a ton of cash tributes I also had several pairs of socks, 6 Armani shirts, a coffee grinder, an Adidas hat, and an awesome watch purchased for me off my Amazon Wishlist. I am looking forward to having those packages waiting for me when I get home.