If you faggots remember from one of my YouTube videos last month, SupplicantSlave has been purchasing me china for my new apartment. Last month the faggot dropped $200 to purchase two place settings and then another $100 towards my car fund.

Normally when faggots say, “I promise I will buy you xyz next month when I get paid” I just toss them aside. That is bullshit 99% of the time, and I can spot bullshit better than anyone. However, when this faggot emailed me and told me that he would buy the other two remaining place settings for my table in a month… I could tell the fucker was being legit. So I changed the description on my Amazon Wishlist to let other faggots know the remaining china was reserved for SupplicantSlave… not something I’ve ever done before.

Supplicant China

This is the Wedgewood china that SupplicantSlave has been purchasing for my new apartment. So far he has purchased 4 place settings. But I upgraded my table to 6 places, so now he must buy another two settings next month!


But as always, I was right. Last week I got an email from SupplicantSlave saying that it has purchased the last two remaining settings of china for $200 and a $120 serving bowl. Sure enough, when I checked my Amazon list both items showed as purchased, and by now they are likely sitting in Florida waiting for me.

SupplicantSlave bowl

This faggot is not even rich, and it is suffering with some personal health problems, yet still it makes sacrifices, and will continue doing so until the day it dies, to make sure I can live the amazing life he (and you) can’t. However, like all you slaves who have tributed massive amounts of money to me, what you remember most is the rush of fulfillment you feel when you can bring me happiness with your cash. The sacrifice you make is small compared to the sense of worth you finally gain by serving me.

Cash Master Jax Flipping Off Camera

So faggots, getting back to how you can serve me, I am 27 days from leaving Mexico and arriving back in the United States. Time is passing so fast, and there are still a few MUST-HAVE items on my Wishlist that I want ordered before my move. Also, look over my Real-Time Sessions page for details about coming to FL and serving me.

Items That Must Be Purchased From My List ASAP

1. $96.40 – ARRIS Cable Modem
2. $69.99 – Obi202 VoIP Phone Adapter
3. $27.97 – Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Surge Protector X 1 (1 Purchased by LastPieceofShitforJaxSlave)
4. $39.95 – PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder for Stella (My Alpha Dog)
5. $69.99 – Persian Rugs Gray 5’x7’ Moroccan Trellis

I want to see you faggots stepping it up as my moving date comes closer. Your work is never done, so I can spend my life relaxing and fucking!

Visit my Amazon Wishlist now and purchase one of these items for me. Send me an email at Jax10060@gmail.com letting me know, and I will update this page by crossing off the item and crediting it to your fag name.