I was going to do a Daily Details post today, but waking up this morning and checking my phone I decided instead to share the story of my newest slave. Last night I took a bunch of friends out camping for the New Year. When I woke up this morning in my tent I looked at my phone and noticed it was full of tribute notifications, which I instantly knew meant a new slave had been completed its steps towards becoming one of my Official Slaves.

2016-12-31 16.58.09

Campsite set up for New Year’s Eve.

2016-12-31 12.11.17-1

While I was fast asleep enjoying the holiday, ChasteSlave was reading through my website and becoming more and more addicted to my power and perfection. By time I woke up ChasteSlave had completed his application and tributed $517.99 in the process. Here is its story in its own words.

“Master Jax,

I stumbled upon your website late last night and immediately I knew I had found the Master for me.

I’ve always been very submissive and have engaged in a couple of one-off BDSM sessions over the past few years but I’ve always been incredibly turned on by the idea of paying a Master money and tributing him with gifts in order to provide him with as much pleasure at my expense as possible. Finally, at the start of a brand-new year, it looks like I am becoming a real slave.

As I created an account and started working through the steps required to become an official slave, my inferior cock was straining against the cage it’s been in for only 24 hours. In step 1 I tributed you with the minimum $50. I would have liked to be able to give more but as I am on a low wage and I knew there was more tributing to come I had to settle for the minimum amount. As I filled out the questionnaire I was both excited and extremely nervous, giving you my details and typing further into submission with each word.

Calculating the inferiority tax was pretty humiliating; I was taxed $228 which seems to be more than most of the slaves on the site. The humiliation only made the excitement greater as it confirmed my inferior status. Checking your Amazon wishlist I went with one of the cheaper items due to the reasons above. But seeing the more expensive gifts you demand has given me the desire to work hard and save up so I can spend more on the wishlist in future. I then joined the 200 club which gave me a nervous feeling as I had to put this on my already-strained-from-Christmas credit card. I’m already feeling the squeeze of serving you and it feels like I’ve finally found my true purpose.

Finally, I took my photo with the phrase ‘Master Jax’s Slave’ written on my chest. This was tricky as I’ve never done it before but half way through I realized how deeply I was concentrating and how much I desperately wanted to do this for you.

In total I have spent $517.99.




ChasteSlave is now owned.

And that faggots, is how a Master deserves to start the New Year. Here’s to make 2017 even better than 2016, starting with a new addition to my slave army.

2016-12-31 23.23.01

Getting ready for bed in my tent. Using my red night lantern purchased off my wishlist by one of my loyal fucks.

Also, to reinforce the message of servitude and inferiority into my new slave’s little faggot brain I made the fucker write 20 times the following message, “I am Master Jax’s newest slave. Last night I began my service by paying my inferiority tax, joining the $200 club, buying an amazon gift, and filling out the slave application. In total I tributed $517.99, and Master Jax deserves all of it and more.”

This required the fucker to fill four whole pages and take 40 minutes repetitively focusing on this message. I did not allow the slave to take any breaks as the pain in its hand is just another sacrifice made on my behalf. This is the slave’s new life, and if you’re reading this, it will likely be your fate as well.

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