Your Master is back at it. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been more active in the chat lately and definitely been enjoying kicking back and relaxing while fag after fag stops by to drain their cash into my pockets. One of the benefits of this is that I get to go on shopping sprees whenever the fuck I feel like it, and today was just one of those days.

Purchase 1: 19 Foot Ocean Touring Kayak (Cost: $3,500)

This kayak is amazing. Top of the line, fit for my body, made of Kevlar. My loyal slaves already know that one of my hobbies is kayaking, so naturally I always have to have the best. This kayak is as good as it gets, and it is made for big guys, rough seas and week-long expeditions. This coming winter I plan on paddling through the entire Everglades, which should take about 8 days from north to south. This is the kayak that will make that epic trip possible. You are the faggots who pay for it all. You don’t have a Master who spends every second sitting in front of his computer working. You have a Master that spends a few hours a day sucking huge amounts of cash out of his loyal slaves, and then spending that cash to actually do something amazing with my life. Just another reason why all these slaves serve me instead of the million other inferior beta-masters.

Photo Sep 20, 10 30 00 AM

My awesome new $3,500 top of the line kayak!

Purchase 2: 10-Day Costa Rican Vacation (Cost: $1,500)

After spending over $3000 on the best kayak money can buy, I then headed home and decided I want to go back to one of my favorite beaches in Costa Rica for a decent amount of time. 10 days sounded good. A week never seems to be enough and time only matters to those who have to work. I don’t have to worry about shit like work because, I’m a fucking God and that’s what you are for. God doesn’t fucking work. God takes amazing vacations every month. I rented a house for 10 days on the beach and booked my round trip flight to San Jose. You will be seeing photos and videos of course. I love showing off my awesome life to my working drones. Most normal people have to plan this shit and save up, but I get to live life how I want to. I take trips whenever I want to. That is how I should live. Now go drain that cash away to your alpha God and thank me for allowing you to do so.

Took this photo in 2012 the last time I was in Costa Rica. Fucking love that place!

Took this photo in 2012 the last time I was in Costa Rica. Fucking love that place!