As many of you have seen from my Skype and Amazon… YES. Today is my 30th birthday. This month I have been relatively quiet—mostly because I have been enjoying a few vacations. Earlier this month I spent a week in North Carolina at my family’s vacation house. It was fucking awesome being up in the mountains. I hiked on the Appalachian Trail, explored some caves, did some fishing, and relaxed a ton… just had an awesome time.

Then I was back in Mexico City for a few days before flying to NYC. I spent the last week there checking out the city, hanging out with some friends, and getting served by my slaves. I had such an amazing time that I am seriously considering a permanent move to the Big Apple. I had a slave pick me up from JFK and drive me into the city to my apartment. I had a slave buying me my meals. Another buying me clothes and bringing them to me. Other slaves were in for their 1-hr visits. It was legit as fuck.

In honor of my birthday, I order all my loyal faggots to use the tribute button below to send me a quick $30.00 tribute. I want to see these random $30 tributes coming in for the rest of the month. Nothing beats seeing the payment notifications pop up on my phone while I’m out doing my shit.

Go on slaves. Give it a few clicks! Make your Master smile.