The basic component of the Master/slave relationship that so many fake “masters” seem to have forgotten is that slaves are here to build their Masters up into even greater Gods than we already are. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF THE SLAVE! This is what the slave is working for, to give to a superior young Master so that his Master can prosper even more.
Now, with that in mind, here is how you can further build up Master JAX, learn more about him and have some fun. Enjoy slaves.

Financial Domination Games Cash Slaves

INTRO:  As an Alpha King bent on World Domination, I do not “live” in one place. The world is indeed my oyster. I am an Alpha America who is constantly on the move traveling around the world. Want to know more… where am I now? Where have I been? Where am I going next?…

RULES: Below are nine Globes. 8 of the 9 contain an interesting fact about me inside. One box has a special reward. Click and enjoy slaves. Build up your Master and get a reward in the end, if you are lucky.