My favorite faggots are the loyal ones that have been around a long time and keep coming back for more. SFSlave is one of the best. This faggot has been under contract to serve me for well over a year now, and yesterday we had a meeting on Skype where the faggot signed another addendum extending the contract through Dec. 31st, 2017.

The most enjoyable part of the whole experience is surprising the faggot with addendums while we are skyping. Sometimes I allow the faggot to worship my feet on cam, and in one of those random session I emailed the slave the newest addendums and told him to go print them.

I made the slave read each clause out loud to me, and I explained to him what they meant. I could hear him shaking and trembling as the reality set in that he would be paying his Master at least another $5,000 next year. It breaks down to $250 per month plus 6% of his commission payments each quarter. Last year I was taking 5% of his commissions, but I decided to be generous to SFSlave, so I upped it to 6%.

I don’t do contracts very often with slaves. First they need to tribute a decent amount of cash over a period of time to prove they are serious about their commitment before I will even consider a contract. Secondly, I am very strict about following the contract and making sure the slave upholds all his obligations. If exposure is one of the consequences for breaching the contract, that is exactly what happens. I do not play around—ask SFSlave if you want to know more about how serious I am.

Signing a contract with me is literally signing away your life. It is also the thing that keeps SFSlave motivated and content with his inferior life.

2016-09-07 11.19.37 HDR