Last week I returned from an awesome vacation in Cancun, paid for by MexSlave of course. Just like I deserve, I spent the week relaxing in an awesome hotel suite with a view fit for a King. The cost doesn’t matter, because that’s what my little fuck slaves are for.

2015-11-06 11.01.40

Arriving at the airport, I met MexSlave in the terminal and promptly handed over my bags. In his car, I put my huge feet up on the dashboard and reclined my seat to relax after my flight. The faggot was shaking with excitement. How often do slaves get a 6’4’’ alpha male with size 15 feet in their car?

When we arrived at the hotel the faggot paid and brought my bags up to the room followed by a foot massage on the balcony while I smoked a cig. Then it was off to dinner, also paid for by the slave. I ate, the slave did not.

2015-11-06 09.43.53

For the next three days I let the faggot return each night for a session of abuse and worship. The faggot spent many hours massaging and licking my feet clean. He ate his dinner from my feet… which consisted of leftover pizza crust. For dessert I stomped on a jelly filled doughnut and let the slave lick my feet clean after. Then to wash it down, I gave the faggot a nice warm swig of my Godly piss.

2015-11-06 11.02.21

The trip was awesome. Relaxing and getting worshipped, just like nature intended. For you faggots who want to see the videos from this latest check out my Vid Store.