Every day hundreds of you pathetic faggots flock to my website seeking guidance, superiority, domination, abuse, perfection, and an outlet for your addiction. You are lucky enough to have a Master as intelligent and dedicated as myself to build this domain. But this site comes with certain expenses and one of those is the hosting. Well faggots, it has been about one year since I first launched this site, and that means it is time to renew the hosting.

GoDaddy2015BillThe total cost for the year is $175.47, and of course I am not going to be the one to pay it. Instead I am giving that opportunity to one of my slaves. Maybe it will be one of my long term slaves, or maybe it will be a slave that has been lurking around the site waiting for the right time to step up and show me they are ready to serve.

Slaves, here is your chance! Sure, you could buy a vid for $25 or pay for one of my $15 lunches… but this is one of those tasks that stands out. Just like how @dadslave paid my $190 hotel bill for my last vacation, this task will require a slave that will make a large sacrifice to benefit his Master. That’s the sort of dedication I love seeing from my slaves, and you faggots pull through for me everytime… without fail. Because that is what you were naturally designed to do!

Just think of how hard your little fag dick will get when you pay this large bill and you know that somewhere my phone is notifying me… That right after you click that button, I will look at my new iphone and see which one of my slaves has just handed over another $176. I’m sure you will also get pleasure in knowing that the site will go on for another year raping countless more slaves out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So which faggot is it going to be? I can’t fucking wait to find out!

Pay below or on the Pay My Bills Page


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