As CodySlave updates my Cash Log and HighwindSlave manages my tumblr, GarySlave makes another $200.00 tribute and becomes the first slave to max out the CCBill tribute system not once, but twice. This gets him listed at the top of the $200 Club Page In addition, I have AsianSlave buying my old shoes for $200.00. Add in more tributes and some video sales… and BAM $984.10 in fag cash taken in the last two days. That’s fucking legit.

What did I do in the last two days? Went to the gym, went out to eat, got some plants for my balcony, relaxed in the park, and planned a trip to Amsterdam for next year. Hell my roundtrip airfare to Europe will cost about $650… and in just 2 days I made that and then some doing nothing but enjoying my awesome life.


This is something you slaves will never know about. This is something only someone of the most superior genes and status could achieve. You will only know a life of work and sacrifice, and I will only know a life of leisure and pleasure. Now slaves, it’s time for you faggots to push my cash totals to an even higher level.

Here are some of the ways you can please me while draining your pathetic bank accounts and maxing out your credit cards.

  1. Buy My Real-Time Vids– Yeah, I have 50+ free vids on youtube, but the only place to get my real-time vids is right here on my website. Either way, you pay!
  2. Pay My Bills– You faggots have been begging me for a way to pay my individual bills. So here is what I have done. There is now a Pay My Bills page with photos of my receipts and a description of what I’m buying. I’m American, but I live in Mexico so I have converted from peso to USD. Then one lucky slave gets to pay for each bill and have their little slave name listed with the bill. If you haven’t paid one of my bills yet… GO DO IT.
  3. Become an Official Slave– The best slaves are Official Slaves… These are slaves who jump through all the hoops and provide me with in-depth information about their history as a slave, income, desires, etc. They get their slave names listed on a special page along with their date of initiation.
  4. Join The $200 Club– To be a member of the $200 Club you have to tribute $200 in a single transaction through CCBill. This has to be a single tribute—it is not cumulative. Some slaves have done this more than once, which is represented by the number following the slave name.
  5. Pay Your Inferiority Tax– You are inferior to me, and therefore you should pay a tax for being such a pathetic faggot… A tax paid to me. You are taking up space and wasting resources that should be going to Alphas like me. I have devised a tax system so that you pay based on how inferior you are compared to me. Enter your height, shoe size and cock size and the program will calculate your tax. How inferior are you, faggot?