Ever since I dropped the price of my OnlyFans from $30 to $13.99 my numbers have exploded. I had always been against dropping my price, but I did some market analysis and hypothesized I could cut the monthly price in half, but triple the number of subscribers… Actually, I more than quadrupled the number of subscribers, so even though I cut the price in half, I’ve tripled my net income.

The growth has been phenomenal. In May I had gross OnlyFans revenue of just $1,900, but last month (November) I had expanded that to over $5,800. That is almost a 300% increase in OnlyFans income in just 6 months—and the growth is quite steady, as you can see by my earnings statements.

Notice that I am in the top 2.8 percentile– killing it as always.

For those of you that don’t yet know what OnlyFans is, I’ll explain it. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to subscribe to a content producer. That monthly fee gives subscribers access to exclusive content (videos/photos) plus an ability to tip and comment on content, and direct messaging capabilities. My OnlyFans page has over 400 exclusive videos that can be found nowhere else. I also give priority to my OnlyFans when it comes to chatting and replying. If you are a new slave and you message me on Skype or Twitter without tributing, I will likely ignore it. I get dozens of those messages a day—but if you sign up to my OnlyFans and message me through that system then I have instant verification that you are a serious legit slave.

This is just one of the over 400 exclusive videos available to my OnlyFans subscribers. It’s 16 minutes long and it will blow your little slave brain! You get this and so much more for only $13.99 per month.

If you haven’t subscribed to my OF yet, I strongly recommend you do, otherwise you are missing out on one of the most active parts of my community. Less than $0.50 a day, means everyone can afford it—plus the tipping system makes draining my findom pups super easy! You can cancel anytime, but I don’t think you’ll ever want to.

To subscribe and join my puppy pen for $13.99 per month here: www.OnlyFans.com/MasterJax69