StrokerPopperFaggot – $185.00
Forced Intox, Skype, Texting, Cash Drain

Cash Drain
Started my day out force intoxing my StrokerPopperFaggot and draining him of $185.00

AlexSlave – $300.00
Bitch of the Day, Cash Drain, Reimbursements, Cum Tax, Humiliation, SPH

In comes AlexSlave who messages me horny as fuck with a simple $30.00 unsolicited tribute. Next he requests to pay a bill, so I send him my lunch grocery bill from Publix ($32). The fag is still horny so I command another $50, which my loyal pup promptly sends over. At this point I want AlexSlave to by my Bitch of the Day, the slave that tributes the most on a given day, which requires him getting past $185… I quickly bring him to $200.

This gets an Anon faggot from Twitter all worked up and starts a bidding war for Bitch of the Day against AlexSlave. In the end, both fags drain out and AnonTwitterSlave winds up beating AlexSlave by $1. The real winner in all this is obviously ME- just like it always should and will be.

AlexSlave gets SOOOOO close to be bitch of the day by tributing $300.00

AnonTwitterSlave – $301.00
“Bitch of the Day”, Anonymous

As I am draining my AlexSlave I start posting the running total on Twitter and letting everyone know that AlexSlave is my Bitch of the Day… then I give an invitation to my fags to see if anyone can beat him. Within 5 minutes AnonTwitterSlave shows up with $183 and then another $18 which made him the Bitch… AlexSlave stepped in and took back the title, then AnonSlave pushed it even higher… the conclusion is this anonymous faggot won by $1- in total he sacrificed $301.00 yesterday.

AnonTwitterSlave becomes “Bitch of the Day” by tributing $301.00

ATLPup – $125.00
Reimbursements, typo tax, Cash Drain

One of my most loyal and long-term slaves, ATLPup gets excited any time I’m draining. Right now he is in-between jobs and preparing to go back to school for accounting, so he doesn’t have as much money as my employed slaves. That being said, his $125.00 in tributes yesterday really mean something to this Alpha who understands sacrifice.

ATLPup tributes $125.00

FHoleSlave – $25.00
Daily Tribute Fag

Like ATLPup, FHoleSlave is one of my super loyal and long-term slaves. He has been serving me for years and for the past two months he has been sending $25.00 every single day first thing in the morning when he wakes up. This has become a constant mood enhancer for me each morning as I start my day out with a tribute. I have decided to include him in my tribute posts for as long as this daily tributing streak continues.

FHoleSlave tributes $25 every single morning like a good fag!