I have been busy laying the foundation for the next progression in my ever expanding empire.  Expect to see some new features that will blow your little faggot minds over the coming weeks.  As part of this new direction, I am now moving into an even nicer apartment – and it is amazing.  I will have my own private balcony, and there’s a residents-only gym, swimming pool and movie theater in the building.  This is a penthouse suite fit for a King.  Get ready for the JaxPalace!

And now that I have my own place, you slaves will have expanded opportunities to see me on cam.  But first, you need furnish the JaxPalace.  I have planned exactly what I want for it, and you are going to be paying for it.  There are two ways for you to tribute:

–           Buy me one of the items of the JaxPalace Wish List, which is here.
–           Send me slave cash via the ccBill link.  I need $1550 to buy what I want.

These are some of the items I want. Purchase it for me and you will get your name in the picture caption as well as…

Any slaves who tribute at least $100 will get a 10 minute cam session to stare at my feet while I ignore you after I have moved in to my new place.

Get to work slaves!

Right now the JaxPalace is Empty. But Click here to buy me Amazon Gifts that will turn this into the perfect place for a King!