by codyslave

Words can hardly describe the three days I spent with Master Jax this week. I felt my heart start to race as I waited for him at the airport, and then the moment he appeared before me, our eyes locked and I instantly knew that he owned me. I collected his bags, carried them to the car, and after taking him to dinner, brought him to my home, where he proceeded to dominate me in the first of countless foot worship sessions. In a gentle but firm way, he told me exactly how to serve him – and I complied completely. I untied his shoes with my teeth, removed his socks with my mouth, and ran my hands and tongue over every square inch of his unbelievably huge, sexy feet, and he planted his endless soles all over my face. Over the course of his visit, his dominance ranged from the extraordinary to the sublime.


I paid for his haircut at the barber…and returned home to have him slam the sole of his giant foot onto my throat, leaving me gasping for air as I came to grips with his control over whether I would take another breath. I provided for his every need and he made decisions about everything – including what I would wear each day and what I would eat at the meals I paid for. When we ate at home, he generally stepped in my food first, making me lick his feet clean before I could eat the food from my plate. He took me on shopping trips where I bought him things that he wanted. He confiscated my phone and wallet, ensuring I knew that I needed His permission to do anything. In one of the most enjoyable moments of my life, I prepared a multi-stage foot bath for Master Jax, giving tender loving care to the objects of my obsession and devotion. Occasionally, he showed his approval by tousling my hair like I was a puppy.

By the end of Master Jax’s visit, I was emotionally and physically exhilarated, begging time to stand still so my chance to serve him would not end. I am completely addicted to Master Jax, and he knows I am like putty in the palm of his hand now. I begged him not to leave, and he just laughed. I hope I get the chance to serve him again in person sometime soon. Either way, these three days were the most intense adventure of my life, and I thank Master Jax endlessly for letting me be his devoted and loyal foot slave.