• As per Master’s request… I have been serving Master for two years now… during that time I have tributed $2370 in cash and $1030 in gifts, for a total of $3400. It would be much higher if I didn’t have to do it on the sly. Master and his feet have much power over me… from time to time I have tried to break away, but it doesn’t last.…[Read more]

  • Bought RayFag part 6 and part 8…. they are INSANE! The sound of Master’s piss landing in RayFag’s mouth… it’s just like he’s pissing into a toilet… RayFag thirstily swallowing it, begging for more… and finally kneeling in front of his computer as Master with his mesmerizing voice instructs him to make $200 one-click tribute, with the slave…[Read more]

  • I see Master has added new vids from the RayFag realtime to the store. OMG – just amazing. RayFag drinking Master’s piss straight from the tap… inhaling Master’s sweaty ass funk… and getting majorly drained in the process. You are the luckiest slave on the planet!! Can’t wait to buy the vids!!

  • We live to serve your alpha feet, Master.

  • Congrats MexSlave! What a fantastic blessing from God!

  • Mmm hot new vid of Master opening gifts… with close ups of his socked feet, flexing his toes.. what a stud.

  • Just received the dirty socks I bought from Master. They are indeed dirty and smell absolutely fucking fantastic. The sweat from Master’s godly feet now fills my lungs. I am in pure heaven.

  • RickySlave posted an update 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday to Master Jax! What a glorious day in the kingdom 🙂

  • RickySlave posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    A few months back I told Master I had to stop serving him due some personal circumstances. It’s been really hard to stay away and not serve him and tribute to him, since I’m still under his spell and think about him and his godly alpha feet constantly, and it’s such an awesome feeling to please him. I still fantasize about being owned by him and…[Read more]

  • I’m the luckiest slave in the world, to serve the best Master – Master Jax. I think about him every hour of every day. I dream about him at night. His stunningly good looks – the cocky smile, the beautiful eyebrows, the incredibly sexy beard – make me crazy. His tall, studly body, the magnificent, gigantic cock (if you don’t know what I’m talking…[Read more]

  • I live to serve Masters feet.

  • Master Jax is the sexiest man on the planet. His face is perfection. His feet are perfection. He truly is a God. I’m really jazzed to be his slave.

    Master recently gave me the task of buying him new RayBans. I’m proud to say I completed payment of them tonight ahead of time, under Master’s guidance. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Love the new masthead, Master!

  • What an epic rape!!

  • 999 Members – who will be #1,000?

  • Thanks to Master’s guidance and encouragement, with the recent tributes I have joined the $1,000 club (it doesn’t officially exist – I just made it up LOL) – over $1,000 in cash tributes in less than a year! Add another $700 or so in Amazon gifts to that, and I’m feeling a bit proud and accomplished in contributing in my own small way to ensuring…[Read more]

  • Master, I have completed the task, commenting on 5 of your blog posts. Here are the links:

    Comment 1

    Comment 2

    Comment 3

    Comment 4

    Comment 5

  • That pic of Master’s feet makes me weak in the knees. 2016 will indeed be a Jaxplosion!

  • Can’t wait to see Master opening all his JaxPad gifts. He deserves all of them and more.

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