• SKYPE session with MASTER was so exciting. i can see why everyone is so in love with MASTER, even though he just uses us as doormats and cash mules. its an honor to be groveling at his feet begging to serve, praying to his feet and praising him, as he laughs and enjoys and collects. working for his pleasure is a duty of us homos. its the str8 men…[Read more]

  • god created homos to worship serve and be used by str8 superior men. i will pray to the images of your feet and praise you and worship

  • bought two tapes, so GREAT. we homos not only have to pay MASTER but he continues to collect by selling clips of our humiliation. Good use for a faggot, to bring more and more cash to the MASTERS holy feet.

  • thank you GOD for allowing me to buy the last gift off of the jaxmas list. i will kneel to the images of your feet and praise you and pray to you.

  • so great to see you enjoyed your vacation in Costa Rico all at the expense of us fag doormats and footstools. While you were having fun we were toiling away and worshiping you. Praying to the images of your feet and praising you.

  • would die for the MASTER. under his boots kissing the soles as he stomped me to death.
    HE is truly a GOD that walks on the earth, we homos must kiss his feet, worship and tribute

  • thank you for letting me join and be one of your many worshiping fags and doormats. i will try to be a good footstool and servant for the GOD