I know it has been a while since my last blog post, so I just wanted to fill you boys in on what’s going on with your Alpha.

Yesterday morning, I flew down to Guatemala City, and for the next couple days I am just chilling at the Westin Resort soaking up the sun and catching up with a few friends that live down here. Around midnight tomorrow, I’ll fly down to San Jose, Costa Rica, where I’ll crash for a night by the airport before catching an early morning puddle jumper flight out to Limon on the Caribbean coast. From there, I’ll head south to my favorite CR beach town of Puerto Viejo.

I rented a bungalow by the beach for a week, and after that I’ll start heading back to Florida to prep for my real time meet with our favorite little FootballFag… you guys probably remember him as the boy that flew to Sarasota last month and dropped $1000 on a shopping trip with me.

A note on my subs. FrenchFaggot has been kicking ass with the reimbursements, and so has ATLpup. Right now, he is completely drained, but payday comes on the 1st, and you’ll be seeing that pup pumping his cash right into my account where it belongs. SubFag92 is a new one, who has some potential, we will see if he really pushes himself for his King. Some of you might know King Paul from NYC, the other Size 15 foot Master, he came down for a visit last week and FHoleSlave with his tiny locked up clit paid for everything we did. LondonCashFag reappeared and drained pretty hard… something tells me he will be back soon. ONLYthebestSlave popped a few days ago and has been consistently sending tributes to my donkey dick. MexSlave paid for lunch the other morning via Amazon giftcard. He’s broke lately, so the sacrifice means something to me. YessirSlave, who has been serving for years just passed $2000 in lifetime tributes, which is a milestone all of you should be aspiring to.

But the best part about all those slaves doing their little part is that they have a King like me to put it all together. I take all their small little lives and give them something to work hard for and sacrifice for… and then take pride in. I’ve overcome the obstacles that 99.99% of the population never makes it past and I’ve created a life truly fit for a King. I moved a lot of my interaction over the Twitter platform a couple years ago, and it exposes me to other “Masters” and I can see why I’ve become so successful. I am simply a winner at life in general. In terms of genetics I got it all—the looks, the size, the feet, the dick, intelligence, confidence… all of it. In business, I’ve absolutely killed it. In my quest for personal growth and connection with the natural world, I’m taking it to new levels. And I share it all with my stable on which I’ve built and molded this empire. It really is an art form, and no one comes even close to my ability to work with it.

PS – I’ve also been broadcasting again on Chaturbate, which is actually one of my favorite ways to interact with my pups. It should be no surprise that whenever I turn my cam on I shoot to number 1 on the whole site. If you have never used chaturbate, it would be smart to create a free account so you can watch/chat with me and the group while I am on cam. Usually I’ll have four or five pups all tributing at the same time to me while I drain them on cam for the world to see.

My Chaturbate Room: Click Here