Today is the day. Later this evening I will head to the airport and leave Mexico City for my new Jax Pad in Florida. Three years of world travel are coming to an end as I return to my old stomping ground. It’s the end of an era, slaves. But, it is also the beginning of new chapter for my growing empire.

From my new base in Florida, it will be much easier to set up real-time sessions with my American slaves. My new Jax Pad is in also a significant upgrade—two pools, Jacuzzi’s, water views, all just a few miles from the beach. This is something I have been planning and working towards since December and this is great news for my slaves.

With my new upgraded home and lifestyle, there are new and growing bills for you fuckers to pay. And with the additional real time meets, comes more faggot abuse and foot worship videos for you fuckers to purchase and jerk off to.

In the meantime, I will not be around much for the next few days as I furnish my Jax Pad, buy a car, and open the hundred or so Amazon gifts that are waiting for me in storage. And, yes there will be a nice long video of that opening coming very soon. Expect me back online and in full force starting April 18th.

Now, little faggots, while I’m setting up my new place I want to see a stream of housewarming gifts coming in. So, use the buttons below to make a tribute or visit my amazon list and buy me a present.




Fuckers, go ahead and also pay for my new haircut while you are at it.


2016-04-11 14.58.58