Slave fucks, another month- another vacation. At least that is how things work in my Kingdom. And where else would a King go to in the USA but Manhattan?

That’s right fags. I just booked a surprise vacation up in NYC, and I might just be able to squeeze a few worship and draining sessions into my schedule. NYC fags, go ahead and hit me up to schedule a draining a session by emailing me at jax10060 at I’m not interested in worship or drain sessions of less than $200 for an hour of my time.

Also faggots, this means there is a new cash task as you might have noticed. On the right sidebar, I have updated the old Acura down payment cash task (which was completed beyond my expectations) to the new cash task of paying for my NYC apartment for those 4 days and my plane ticket. The total price (~1200). I know you fucks will have that paid for in no time at all!

I will also be wanting some spending cash, so go ahead and shoot me $100 using the button below for a quick drain. Fags with registered accounts know how addicting my one-click buttons are. The easiest way ever to drain


PS-Yesterday I went out kayaking and stopped for a drink at a beach bar… enjoy the pic, faggots.

2016-08-23 15.26.59-1-1