My slaves have been good, and this week saw my bank account grow nicely. You slaves should be proud of what you have accomplished. Because of your work and obedience, you Alpha King is smiling today. Because of your sacrifice, your Master is going on vacation for 2 days.

One fat fucker has been throwing money at me and making me laugh nonstop for days– amusing indeed. It is so pathetic and disgusting. I humiliate it and make it stuff its fat face. He is completely under my spell and I am going to destroy him and laugh the whole time. I will have him down on his hands and knees flopping around in front of me like the walrus he is, laying his cash down at my feet and gazing up at the superior man that is his Master. Opening his faggot mouth while I take a nice long piss in it. He could only be so lucky… Just wait until you see the shit I am going to put on the wall of shame from that faggot.

There are two slaves who got cash raped so hard they have run away haha. They have closed emails and deleted skypes… after thanking me for completely destroying them multiple times in rapid succession. I actually like this phase of the slave master dynamic. Number 1- I know my slave is going absolutely, fucking crazy without its master to serve. Number 2- This tells me that I raped my faggot very hard, and my power overcame them to such an extent even they were surprised at what happened. And finally, my slave is working harder than ever right now to pay off all the debt I left it with.

It is making sacrifices to cut expenses and working more to increase its income. It is embarrassed that it has run out of funds to give to its king, so it has been hiding in shame. However, it is a pig and right now it is fattening itself up. And soon, my helpless, pathetic, faggot pig will waddle back to its master. It will take one look at me, and that fat pig will stick out its neck for the slaughter in order to feed its King. It will come back and give up everything for its master once more.

This is like when I have sex with a chick for the first time hahaha… they binge for two days, then they are sore and think about whether they want their pussies wrecked and stretched for life. But as always, the minute they get wet again, I am the only one they want inside… so back they come… ready to get wrecked and used by an alpha…. Just like my faggots with their wrecked wallets.

So my slaves, you did a good job this week. Your King is smiling today, and is about to enjoy two days of relaxing and fucking. Now get back to work you faggots!!