8:30am- I wake up. Check my new iphone… $50.00 tribute from MatzSlave on PP. Awesome…

10:00am- I go out for some coffee and breakfast. I sit outside. The weather is awesome.

11:00am- Meet a friend and go downtown. We have a couple beers. I go into Sanborn’s and grab a Cuban cigar.

11:30am- BikerSlave buys me a pair of boots from my Amazon Wishlist$223.62

3:00pm- I head home. Relax

4:30pm- Login to Skype… begin fucking with my slaves… MMMM

6:30pm- I make a GoFundMe for my upcoming Cancun trip. MexSlave immediately tributes $48.00

6:35pm- JamesPSlave, a new one, tributes $35.00 to my trip at my direction. He wants to become an official cash slave.

6:40pm- CodySlave messages me to let me know CollegeSlave has just sent me a $15.00 Amazon gift card.

6:45pm- JamesPSlave spins the Intermediate Cash Wheel… He must tribute $60.00 via CCB.

7:00pm- JamesPSlave buys me a Nike Hat and Tie Clip from my Amazon Wishlist$45.73

7:30pm- FrancoSlave tributes $25.00 to my Cancun GoFundMe.

8:00pm- ArchieSlave tributes $50.00 via PP because of my superior feet.

9:00pm- MexSlave buys me a 3-pack of Armani T-Shirts from my Amazon Wishlist$42.78

Total for the day in CASH and AMAZON GIFTS: $595.13

Just another awesome day thanks to my army of slaves that continually push my life to new levels. Keep it up slaves!!