This last week has been fucking awesome. For starters, my loyal footslaves did a nice job paying my rent for the month, just like they did in January! Now I have updated the site with the new March rent fund, and I know you will get that one paid too! Because, why should a superior man like myself have to pay rent?

This last weekend I took a trip south of the city to Tepoztlan. Awesome mountain village with an Aztec pyramid you can hike up to. I did the uphill hike, and my feet were nice and sweaty by time I hit the summit.

Since you were such good slaves this last week, I took the time to shoot some footage of my size 15 feet and the Aztec ruins. I even had some local wildlife take a liking to me… the animal you see is a coatie.

After the hike I took myself out to a nice steak dinner at one of the mountainside resorts… paid for by my footslaves of course! I definitely enjoyed sitting there on the terrace looking down on my kingdom… big smile on my face while I stretch my toes under the table.

I will also launch a new site this week for all my cashslaves—specifically designed to allow for easy tributes and up to date statistics about all the money I get from you! Keep checking back for more on that in the next couple days.