You faggots probably remember that a month ago I sold a pair of my old size 15 running shoes to Asian slave for $200 or $250. I can’t remember now haha, but the shoes were free for me in the first place, so as always I made out on the deal in every way possible.

I gave the slave an assignment and now the faggot has completed it and sent me the photos that I asked for. Look how small the little AsianSlave’s feet are inside and next to my giant shoes! Asians are some of the most inferior faggots around. I lived in Bangkok for 1.5 years and I was amazed at how small and pathetic they are. I would see them in the gym showers with their girlish bodies and small ass little dicks and wonder how they even manage to reproduce. Whatever. Here is this tiny slave with his little size 8 feet playing with his new toys haha. Happiest faggot in the world.

I bet this was the best $250 this little inferior slave has ever spent.

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