Faggots, you fucks are so easy to mold, drain, and manipulate. Last week I noticed that it had been a while since I posted any new bills in the Pay My Bills section of my website. So, I took a photo of a couple of my bills for the day and I made a quick YouTube vid of me talking about the shit I purchased and how the Pay My Bills page works. Sure enough, I posted two bills, one for $64 and one for $75… both of the bills were paid by multiple slaves meaning that I actually made money by going shopping. This is how fucking amazing my life is.

This is a list of all the slaves that paid either of those two bills.

$64.19 MichaelSlave
$64.19 SFSlave
$64.19 AndrewSlave
$64.19 FHoleSlave
$75.88 MichaleSlave
$75.88 MichaelSlave


God damn, I fucking love my life. And so do these fucking fags. I did something special with these two bills and any fag that pays either one of them gets a special reward video that is worth every penny. This reward video is 2.5 minutes long and it is something that I could not post on YouTube because it just might give a flash of my donkey dick (8+ inches) and big flexing muscles. Go on fucker, pay the bills and add to my cash totals, then wait for the link to download the reward video!


Screenshot from the reward video.


Screenshot from the reward video.

I am GOD.