Faggots it is the end of the year, and that means this is your last chance to drain your cash into my 2015 totals. Right now I’m at over $51,000 cash tributes for the year and over $5,000 in gifts. But you know your Master always craves more, and that’s just what you were put on Earth to do– tribute your resources to your Master.

Speaking of Amazon gifts, Sub4DomSlave just bought the last item from my 12 Days of Jaxmas List. So it looks like I will be making that video in January of me opening my pile of gifts that are waiting for me in Florida. I know how much you faggots loved the video from last year I posted on YouTube. Sub4DomSlave also got a small $45 drain earlier today, and a new JoshSlave sent an Amazon Giftcard for $20.00. Around lunch MarkSlave tributed $57 towards Jaxmas. Hadn’t heard from my MarkSlave

So that’s $102 in cash and $65.00 in Amazon gifts for yesterday, but I think we can do better tomorrow. An alpha like me needs and deserves more cash than you inferior slaves, so here is your chance to please me.

Master Wants More Cash From His Faggots…

  1. Make Your Jaxmas Tribute Below by clicking one of the buttons.

  2. Slaves who Tribute $55 or $99 by Dec. 31st will get a special video for Jaxmas in their email.

  3. All Jaxmas Tributes will get posted on the Homepage Feed.

Jaxmas is here faggots. And to show your appreciation, pay your tribute of $25, $55 or $99 below.

Slaves, you have through Dec. 31st to pay this Jaxmas Tribute and qualify to receive the special Jaxmas video in your email.