Faggots, I just returned from an awesome couple days of camping down in the 10,000 Islands. I had a fucking amazing time, and the best part was using your cash and gifts to pay for the whole thing. My life truly is a constant vacation. I drain and spend and travel. My new $3500 kayak is the perfect boat for camping expeditions. All the camping gear is top of the line and purchased for me off Amazon by my dedicated faggots. The new $300 GPS is legit. I mapped out my route on Google Maps then exported the file to the Garmin GPS. I strapped it onto my deck line and braced it against my life vest so it was just like driving and looking at a navi. Super nice. The $200 paddle is a big improvement over my last one. The new tent is 7.5 feet long which is much more comfortable than the last tent, which claimed to be 7 feet. The $120 Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad is lightweight, comfortable, and packs down to a very small footprint which fits in my kayak better than the air-mattress. Constant improvements—this is what I like. Money is not an issue when it comes to my comfort.

The free time I am afforded to pursue my passions and hobbies is fucking amazing. Most people in the world fall into 3 of 4 categories… no time & no money, lots of time but no money, or lots of money but no time. I am in the fourth category and the one that you faggots do not ever belong in- lots of free time and lots of money. This is the category reserved for me.

Yesterday I drained $250 from my ashsub in about 45 minutes, then I spent the rest of the day organizing all my camping gear back into my storage closet and napping. The drain was simple and it’s nothing more than me just being me and getting paid for it. I kicked back and lit up a cigar, turned on my cam for the faggot and then chatted with the fucker about my life. Occasionally I would demand $100 or $50 and the fucker would pay it and tell me how amazing I am. Then I finished my cigar, and took my dog for a walk. Easy $250… more than most Americans make in a whole 8-hour shift working.

But that wasn’t all. Because my website also sold a few videos yesterday and that’s another $75 that took absolutely zero time or energy from me. Top that off with a new $50 camping table, a $14 camping pillow and a $150 rug purchased for me yesterday off my Amazon List and you can sort of grasp the magnitude of my power and how it continues to grow.

Do the fucking math. $250+$75+$50+$14+$150= $539.00 in cash and gifts yesterday.

Alright fuckers. Enjoy this video I made yesterday showing off my amazing life and my camping trip. Go tribute until your accounts are drained, then check back to see how I am spending it. I am your KING!