As with everything in my life, I go above and beyond. Take for instance my last task for you slaves to fund my rent for June. In just a couple weeks, while I was away in Alaska on vacation, my loyal slaves completely paid my rent and threw in an additional $290 just to show how pathetic they are.

As I said, this was all done while I was relaxing on a cruise and hiking up to glaciers in the last frontier. Now that I am back in Mexico City, where my awesome apartment is, I have already begun cash raping my slaves and taking even more of their money. Today, the sidebar was updated with the task of funding my July rent and already the tributes are pouring in. Tomorrow CodySlave will update the site with the latest tributes and my empire will continue to grow.

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Upcoming additions will be the sale of a pair of my old running shoes—size 15 and full of my alpha scent. Also, my programmer is putting together a page where you slaves can insert some physical measurements about yourself and get feedback to just how much more superior I am than you in all those areas. And of course the smaller you are, the larger your inferiority tax will be!


Both of those should be done in the next week, so go make your tribute towards my rent and check back for more ways to get drained.

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