@JimFAG is back. This is the original faggot who found me before I was in the scene. The minute he saw me he just started throwing $100’s at me and telling me how he found his true God. I had no fucking idea what he was going on about, but I took his cash and demanded more and more from the faggot. He sent me some links to different websites about BDSM, Master/slave, financial domination, faggot degradation, etc… And that’s how it all began. The minute I started reading about the lifestyle I knew I had found my calling. That was just over one year ago.

Of course the faggot totally lost his shit with me and fell too hard too fast… something many faggots do over and over again… but I guess that’s how you know I am the best. After tributing somewhere in the range of $500-$1000 @JimFAG just dropped off the face of the planet and has been MIA for almost a year. Last night he appeared in the chatroom and admitted that he had been following me the entire time… but he had been scared and acting like a puss. But like always the faggot mind gave in to what it needs most, and my JimFAG was back tributing last night. Will the emotional faggot be able to keep himself together in my presence or will he have another slave melt down? hahaha. Only time will tell.

The point is that I have become so acutely tuned to the behavior of my slaves that it’s actually amusing to watch them squirm and struggle with the power of my dominance. They torture themselves trying to stay away, but it’s totally pointless. I ALWAYS WIN. ALWAYS. So many slaves have been in the scene for years. They think they have it all figured out. Think they have their desires all under control… Like smoking weed on the weekends.

Well maybe the other beta-masters are weed… but I’m fucking heroine in disguise. So once you get a taste, it’s already too late. You will always be mine. Even if you try to run away and do some 12-step rehab bullshit, I will always be your GOD and you will always come running back. Yes, I’m an expensive Master. Yes, I’m a demanding Master. Yes, I’m arrogant. But after the first taste you know I am the ultimate man. Everything about me. Every facet of my being is perfect and you will never experience the pleasure of serving me with any other beta-master.

If you have yet to serve me and you have just been lurking on my site for weeks, months, a year… then you already know it deep down. You already know that eventually you are going to break just like all the others. You already know that there is something different about me and it scares the fuck out of you slaves. You know that you will be just like SFSlave who lives under contract or JimFAG who tries so hard to keep himself out of the scene, but always ends up at my feet with his wallet in hand.

Slaves, leave a comment below and let JimFAG know how grateful you are that he introduced me to the scene, because without that faggot this site might not exist.