Update: As of Jan 20, 2015 This Task Has Been Completed! Good Slaves! haha

Slaves, on Friday I will be moving into the JaxPad – my new place in Mexico City. It’s phenomenal – on the nicest street in the nicest neighborhood in town. And now you are going to furnish it. So it’s time for you to show your appreciation for your Master with some housewarming gifts. We both know that you want me to be as comfortable as possible, and here’s how you are going to make sure that I’m living like the King that I am…


I have put together a list of the most important items that are needed for the JaxPad. You can make your housewarming tribute in one of two ways:

1. Go to my Amazon Wish List and pick out one of them and send it to me.

2. You can also make a general cash donation to the fund to purchase my desk and office chair. This is important so that I can update my site and vids more! Tribute Here

After you do this, send me an email (Jax10060@gmail.com) to tell me what you bought and so you will get slave credit. Any slave who makes a housewarming gift will get a special treat – a video from my recent visit with codyslave that involves him showing his appreciation for my godly feet!

Time is of the essence, slaves, so get moving.

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