Update: All Jaxmas Gifts Have Been Purchased By My Slaves.
However, you have until Dec. 31st to complete your Final Task. 

12 Days of Jaxmas


In the spirit of Jaxmas I am giving you the chance to buy me approximately $450 in gifts from Amazon. You have 12 days to complete this task. If all 12 gifts have been purchased for me by Dec. 24th, 2015… then I will post a video of me opening all my gifts for you faggots to enjoy.

In addition for each gift you purchase, you slavename will be added to one of these 12 Jaxmas Balls where your servitude will be displayed for the world.

Now go on slave, time to send your Master his Jaxmas gifts! Jaxmas Gift List

***If you buy me a gift, you must email me and tell that you bought it so I know which slave purchases which gifts. If you don’t tell me, you won’t get slavecredit*** Email: Jax10060@gmail.com

Jaxmas Wishlist:

1. Plush Fleece Hoodie Size L $41.00
2. Skullcap Top Hat $18.00
3. Serengeti Sunglasses $116.00
4. Down and Delirious in Mexico City Book $13.00
5. KONG Moose Dog Toy $5.00 Purchased by JaysonSlave
6. Moon Mexico City Book $15.00
7. Levi Men’s Jeans 501 $47.00
8. Levi Men’s Jeans 501 $47.00
9. The Mexico City Reader Book $20.00
10. Duckworth Large Duck Dog Toy $9.00Purchased by JaysonSlave
11. Nike Hat $19.00 Purchased by RickySlave
12. Danish Design Black Men’s Watch $128.00

Click here for Wishlist