Looks like it is that time of year again. Jaxgiving! The time when all my faggots show me just how thankful they are to have a Master as amazing as myself. As a special treat for my loyal slave, I’ll be emailing a surprise on Nov. 28th to those participating. It is important that each of you make a small sacrifice in honor of what I give to you—simply the ability to tribute to my superior life.


  1. Tribute Below

  2. Get a special surprise on Nov. 28th

  3. Slaves who tribute $55 or $99 will get shoutouts on Youtube for their outstanding devotion.

Cash is pouring in as usual. A steady stream of income into my account. ScotSlave has tributed over $200 in the last couple weeks since joining the site. DadSlave continues his loyal devotion regularly with $80 in tributes this morning. Yesterday I got a $100 tribute to do a 10-minute custom vid from a new slave, and LikMaSlave’s Amazon gift arrived. Add that to $55 from MikeSlave to spend some time under my feet. JamesSlave also bought $80 in vids. MarkSlave has also been doing his part with $80 in tributes over the last couples days. Another slave set up a Real-Time session in FL last night. I will be in FL for a week in January and already have a few meets planned.

Just look at all this, faggots. You are so fucking lucky to have me here. And to show your appreciation, pay your tribute of $25, $55 or $99 below.

Slaves, you have through Nov.27th to pay this JaxGiving Tribute. Slaves who participate will be treated to a special surprise on Nov. 28th via email.





2015-11-10 10.20.51

Master Jax chilling on the Pyramid of the Sun on a Tuesday morning while the rest of your faggots work.