It’s that time of year again, JAXGIVING, which means JAXMAS is right around the corner! Fuck, I love the holidays!

Yesterday was another kick ass day for your King. Started the morning off right as I woke up to an email from Clips4Sale that my video “DFSlave Part 6- Slave Licks and Worships Sandals” just sold for $22.99 to some horny fag in New York. I never pay attention to Clips4Sale and haven’t uploaded anything in over a year, but I probably still net a few hundred every month from the old clips I have sitting there. Hmmm, I bet that fucker ends up serving me in real time when I am up in NYC in May. Speaking of DFSlave, I am heading back down to Mexico City for another vacation next week, and I’ve already set up some real time worship from this fag. He’s going to be running around doing everything he can to gather up the required tribute he will be placing at his size 15 cash master’s feet.

Next I did a little work on the site and changed over the old activity feed to an embedded Twitter feed that I think really adds to the mind-fuck level of my domain. You fuckers are so lucky you have such an intelligent alpha over here implementing newer and better ways to drain! As you fuckers know, the video store has been down for the last week as I moved everything over to the new website. I heard back from my programmers that the store is up and processing payments, so I ordered YessirSlave to test it out. He went and purchased RayFag Part 7 – Toe Sucking, Sole Licking, Feet Rubbing Worship for $35.00 to make sure CCBill was processing the payments and returning the correct payment codes. Such a good little faggot.

Next I tweaked the code on the new website so that the one-click tributes would once again be activated. That means that when you are logged into my website, you only have to enter your cc details for the first tribute. After that first authorization, you will be able to make one-click tributes using your stored card. Another awesome feature that further streamlines the flow of cash from you to me. I had FHoleSlave test the new system by doing two tribute of $10 each. The first tribute he had to enter his cc number, and the second tribute went through by simply typing in “10” and clicking the “Submit Payment” button. SUCCESS

Then I had my SydneySlave tribute $25.


Because of the new homepage activity feed, all these tributes were displaying perfecting on the homepage which made me hard as fuck. This led me to message my DC Cash Slave who is eagerly awaiting April when I have rented an apartment in downtown DC. First I sent him my grocery shopping bill, which made me start leaking precum and increased the pressure in my alpha nuts.

I wanted an extra powerful nut, so I ordered him to pay for the Oakley sunglasses I bought the day before for $99+tax… the fucker sent $105 and I blasted a monster load.


I also think another Master sent me $10 to my paypal some time yesterday morning. Apparently half the Masters on Twitter are actually subs, whatever, more cash for me. I consider them drones who drain you fucks while I’m too busy enjoying my cash and then they pass the money on to me unsolicited. You know who you are, and you are probably getting worried reading this—don’t worry beta Masters, I’m not going to out or ruin you… I’m just gonna keep being awesome and taking the cash you drain from idiot fags on my behalf.

Probably left some tributes off this post, but that’s why I’m having my cash log automated as we speak! Shit is just going to keep getting better and better. Wait… FHoleSlave sent another $19 tribute to cover my dinner from last night.

Fucker, if you made it this far, you now get the pleasure of sending my JAXGIVING tribute using the buttons below.