One of the things that set me apart from most of the other masters I have seen around is my understanding of the cash slave and of human nature. You see cash slaves come in all sorts, but there are certainly underlying truths. For starters, cash slaves are not simply giving their cash for nothing in return. A true cash slave isn’t even giving cash for a Master to yell at it on cam and call it names. A true cash slave is giving cash because he is addicted to the pleasure he gets when he loses control.

What makes the cash slave lose control? His Admiration for his Master. I capitalize Admiration because I chose the word purposefully.

alpha male

This! Respect, esteem, praise…  Of course all of this stems from the premise that the Master is a true Alpha Male. I am now convinced that most “Masters” are not Alpha Males. An Alpha is on top. An Alpha is #1. You are born Alpha. It is genetic and natural. Lifting weights doesn’t make you an Alpha Male… being a douche doesn’t make you an Alpha Male. You know you are an Alpha when you look around and see the whole picture, and you clearly see that you are on top.

You are on top physically, you are on top mentally, you are on top literally—as you crush faggots haha. As an Alpha everyone submits NATURALLY and they always have. They don’t even think about it. Every day I see it. When I walk down the streets people naturally understand that THEY are to move out of MY way. I am the dominant one, that’s just…how it works and you all know it. When I am checking into a hotel and I say I want a room on the top floor… They say “of course sir, we will do that right away”. I see it in the way males avoid eye contact with me, while their wives can’t stop staring. I see it in the way people defer to my judgment in business decisions without question. They just know I am superior. That is being an Alpha.

A Master is simply someone taking control. Anyone can be a “Master” and say “fucking faggot give me money.” Some faggots will just give money… but that’s just a Master doing a wallet rape on a cash slut. Let’s call it what it is. When this happens, the cash slut is so desperate it is just settling for anything that will take its money and is slightly superior to itself. The cashslut is VOLUNTARILY submitting in such cases… Whereas when an Alpha Master owns a Cash Slave it is a different relationship all together.

The cash slave is unable to control the building emotions of admiration as it realizes deeper and deeper just how prefect its Master is. The cash slave loses control. The cash slave serves INVOLUNTARILY because of its undeniable natural admiration of a true Alpha. See the difference?

So while anyone can be a Master… only the top 1% of human males are naturally Alphas…. It is a very rare circumstance that a natural Alpha Male decides to also take a place as a Master… This faggots, is what you are looking for. This is why you are here. This is why you know there is something different about me, even if you haven’t quite figured it out. That’s why I am here, faggot. I understand you better than you.

You saw my profile somewhere… you sought me out… you got hooked. You see my pictures and you know that I am a natural born Alpha. You read my blog posts and know that I stand above the pack. Now I am here to control you, to get inside your mind and take control of your life. I know what is best for you. As an Alpha male this is just natural as I understand the big picture in a way you never will. I am mindfucking you right now. I am cumming in your brain and my alpha seed it going to grow and consume you.