I know you fuckers have been missing me. I’ve been getting all the emails!

Life is going good. I left Finland last month and moved to Budapest. I will be here for another week, then I am headed to Italy for the month. After that I will go to Spain for a couple weeks, then head back home to FL.

I know how much you guys enjoy giving your cash to a true man like myself, so I have updated my Amazon wishlist with some more gifts I want to be waiting at my house when I get back to Florida.

I’m having a fucking blast on my trip around the world. Finland was a ton of fun visiting old friends from when I was an exchange student, enjoying the saunas and taking fishing trips with the guys.  Budapest has been great with the ruin pubs, parties, awesome friends and architecture.

Work has been crazy. For those of you that don’t know, I also run an IT consulting business. As always, I’m around to drain you fucks and put your money to work for a real Master while traveling the world.