Aight, Everyone say thank you to Mexican Foot Slave for convincing me to update my blog more often… and for buying me shit on my Amazon Wishlist. I guess it worked because here is an update.

As you fags probably know from reading through my blog, I spend your money traveling the world. In the last two years I have been to about 30 countries on three continents and I fucking love my life as much as you love my feet. Last month I rented an apartment in Budapest and had a fucking blast there. St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Danube River, the Chain Bridge, Margaret Island, Ruin Pubs… all of it was fucking awesome. All of it paid for by a couple foot slaves who just couldn’t control themselves.

A couple weeks ago I moved down to Italy. I spent a week in Rome, and now I am in Tuscany taking a break from city life and focusing on my site / online presence a bit. Since everyone is so obsessed with my huge ass feet, I decided to make them the focus of my site, and this morning I made a video of my guys that I will post on youtube soon. I also ventured into the small city of Siena today to check out the local Tuscan flavor. Great place, nice churches, good wine, awesome pizza… I really can’t complain. Except now my feet are sweaty and stinky, which I am sure makes you hard just reading about it. Now just imagine laying on the floor at my feet while I rub them all over your face.

I have also been updating my Tumblr with some more pics of my feet that I took earlier this year while I was living in Asia, so be sure to check that out when you when you need something to make you drool. I will stay here in Tuscany for a few more days and then maybe head up to Florence before going back to Rome. I will certainly make sure to snap some photos of my feet in different places as I travel around since that is what you guys seem to be so in love with.

Here are some photos I snapped in Siena. As always, if you worship my feet on cam or buy me shit to make my life even better, shoot me a message on Skype at MasterJax69