By: CodySlave

So as Master Jax’s slave empire has grown, new slaves have been arriving on a daily basis, looking to submit to Him.  Having served Master dutifully for the last several months, I thought I would provide some newcomers guidance about how to interact with Master Jax and what to expect as you become a new slave.

First and foremost, it is important for you to recognize that Master Jax is not here to entertain you.  If you are a time waster or just looking for someone to spend their time ordering you around, you are in the wrong place.  Tributes are an integral part of being a member of Master Jax’s slave community.   So before you go any further, you should recognize the expectation that you will make financial sacrifices on behalf of Master Jax if you hope to earn any of his attention.

Now, if you have read this far, it is because you know you want to serve Master Jax, to make yourself 100% available to do whatever he wants.  You know that the only answer to give Master Jax is “Yes, Master. Thank You.”  But I also think that as a new slave you should understand how this process of becoming a slave will unfold.   So here are some tips on what to expect before, during and after your initiation as a slave.


Before You Tribute Master Jax

  • Watch all of Master’s videos on YouTube. Do not skip any of them.
  • Follow Master on tumblr ( and also my tribute blog (
  • Register for the online community at

When you are Ready to Tribute Master Jax.

  • Go to the “Becoming an Official Slave of Master Jax” page and make an initial tribute of at least $25.
  • Within an hour of doing so, complete the slave questionnaire. As you will see, this questionnaire requires you to provide detailed personal information to Master Jax about yourself.  This information is required so Master can tailor his approach to each slave.  I can assure you that Master has had all of this information about me for some time and I trust him 100% with it.  You will also need to trust Master if you want to serve him.
  • Complete 2 of the 3 slave initiation rituals as identified on Master Jax’s instruction sheet.
  • Once you complete these initiation rituals, you will write a summary of the experience. Explain the emotions you felt before starting this process and how each step made you feel. The last sentence will be the total amount of money you spent during this process for both gifts and tributes. Send this in an email to Master Jax at
  • Master will respond to you and confirm that you have successfully completed your induction as a slave. After he has done so, send Master a follow-up message to Thank Him for letting you serve Him.

After you Tribute Master Jax

  • Do NOT expect Master to acknowledge your tribute. Remember that it is always about Master Jax, and never about you.  You are a slave and have submitted to Master Jax because you want to serve him.  Patient and generous slaves will gradually prove themselves worthy of Master Jax’s attention, but it is important for you to know that this will take time.
  • Be prepared to have feelings of anguish or self-doubt. In speaking with many new slaves, it is quite clear that the time after making your first tributes can lead slaves to have worries about what they are doing and its implications.  First, do NOT bother Master Jax with these worries.  The feelings you have are normal and common, and most slaves go through this experience.  If you want to talk about how you are feeling, you can send me a private message and I will help you deal with your feelings.
  • Know that it will take time to prove your worth. Master has many slaves now, more arriving each day.  It will likely take some time for you to develop a personal connection with Master.  Over time, with consistent effort on your part, you will likely earn some attention from Master in ways that I’m sure will rock your world.