Making a Sacrifice for Your Master:

Part of worshiping me means that you have to sacrifice. I expect you to pay tribute to my huge feet and shower them with praise. Do you really think you are worthy of being my bitch? To have the honor of worshiping my size 15’s you need to work for me. Everyday while you are out slaving away I want you to smile knowing that part of your work is going to make my life better. You will learn to appreciate that your service means my feet are happy, and when my feet are happy, then you get to worship them while jerking your dick. It is the best experience you will ever have.

Stop Being a Pussy:

I know how many of your faggots come back to my site over and over again to secretly read and admire me, but you are too scared to actually act on your desires. There is no need to be a pussy. I am not here to judge you as I already know and understand what you are what makes you tick. So quit stalling, quit tormenting yourself, take out your wallet, login to skype and send your God a message. Let the fun begin.

-Master Jax
Skype: MasterJax69