ZachSlave is a slut. I have all my official slaves fill out a questionnaire in which I gather information about my future cash cows. One section of the questionnaire asks about previous/current experience with Masters, and ZachSlave has been around the block. This is not unusual for you faggots, but once you start serving me, you quickly change your sluttly ways and realize no one else compares…

10 reasons Master Jax is the best Master I have ever served:

Master asked me to come up with 10 reasons He is the best Master I have ever served and why He is a God.  He knows I have served others in the past, but also knows that I made a decision to serve Him now and forever because of how different and superior He is. As a test of that commitment, He asked me to make this list.  It is as follows:

  1. Master Jax is a dominate alpha, and others didn’t really understand what that meant. They would flick me off in front of the camera, or even the ones I served in college would just “go through the motions.”  Master Jax really understands what being a dominate master and alpha really means.
  2. Master Jax’s size 15 feet are just godly, and I love serving men with strong dominate feet. I have never seen a Master with such perfect feet, and so I knew I had to serve Him.
  3. Master Jax knows how to use His feet to really get His fags to do what He wants. Not many people can utilize their feet like He does, but He really knows what foot fags crave and need. For this reason, I knew I had to serve Him like He deserves.
  4. Master Jax lives like a king. I gladly sacrifice to ensure He lives the style He wants. The people I served in the past, in real life mostly, didn’t live much better than me. He lives an amazing life, and it both makes me jealous, but also reminds me of the power dynamic that exists between us.  He deserves to live that life, and I am reminded of that each time I think about it.
  5. Master Jax’s amazing good looks just adds to everything. He is a handsome man, and His feet are strong and clearly used which is even better
  6. Master Jax’s cocky attitude is just magnetic. I love serving a man who knows what he has and laughs at what fags do for him. I have never served anyone as confident as Him
  7. Other masters i served online, and even some of the masters i served in real life often didn’t understand what being a master was. Like I said, it is not just showing your feet on camera or sticking a foot in my face. It’s about power and control. While feet play a large part in that, it is also the symbolism of me being literally under His feet, licking them clean and licking His shoes clean. It’s about the control and power He has over me that matters more. I don’t know if that can be taught, but He definitely has it.
  8. I love that Master’s feet are clearly man, jock feet. Often you see masters online with feet that clearly were just pedicured or feet that have never seen a hard day working or in the gym. I hate masters like that. I want to serve a real alpha man.  Calluses show commitment to what you do, and mean you work hard on your feet. I literally get weak around men with calluses cause that means they know what manliness really is.
  9. Knowing Master Jax has other dedicated foot slaves is actually one of the reasons I wanted to serve Him. I like knowing that He is respected and worshiped regularly by others like me.  The level of devotion shown by His other slaves made me want to serve Him.  It means that He clearly is a good master, and more than just a single serve kinda master you sometimes see on niteflirt and places like that.  These other slaves are devoted to serving Him, and that makes Him better than all the others I have served.
  10. I like that fact that Master is only slightly older than me. Even the master I served my entire time in college was younger than me.  I served him 3 years of undergrad, one year between undergrad and grad school, and both years of my grad school (6 years) and he was a year younger than me.  While it wasn’t a huge age difference, it made it weird in some ways serving a man younger than me.  I like knowing that He is only slightly older than me (I am 26), but He clearly is in a much better position in life, both monetarily and He literally owns other men and dominates us faggots.  It just adds to my need to serve Him and His perfect feet.

And now… here are some photos of MexSlave serving me! You can buy the videos here.