My life is so fucking amazing sometimes I am even surprised when it gets better. Exactly one month ago today Footballslave discovered my website and began his path to Jax addiction. I just ran a report on my CCBill account for his tributes over the last month, and it looks like the pup has handed over almost $2700 in cash.

This doesn’t even include the Amazon gifts like my new Nike Shoes you fucks have been seeing in my OnlyFans and Twitter posts. To say the least, footballslave is proving his devotion and commitment to me more and more every day. This faggot works in the real estate field, and in addition to his tributes, he has been sharing with me all of his investment secrets and tips. I have him doing research on properties around southwest Florida where I live, and I already have him working to buy me my first investment property.

This is the sort of devotion I love to see from my fags. Consistent and reliable— doing the most he can. Always thinking about ways he can be of use to me. Checking in daily with reports of his research and progress completing the tasks assigned to him. I have to say that right now my top 5 fags are German, FHole, Sydney, VeryLilDick, and now FootballSlave.

Keep it up slaves!