Faggot fucks,

I am moving back to the superior Alpha country, USA, in exactly 82 days. On April 14, 2016 I will be back in Florida.

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From my new location in the United States I will be better positioned to dominate the country with the richest and most pathetic faggots the world has ever seen. You fag slaves can expect a lot more real time, faster internet speeds for me to stream video, heavy investment in hosting streaming live video right on my website, and overall just me living an even higher quality of life than I have been doing while traveling all over the world.


All this means that you faggots have a new task to complete. You did such a nice job buying me all my Jaxmas gifts, that I have created a new list for my Jax Pad. I am already stashing thousands of dollars in cash every month into my savings account, but why should I spend any of my money on this move. You faggots get the pleasure of buying everything in advance.

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When I fly up on April 14th I expect to have all these gifts waiting for me just like Jaxmas. Top priorities are a new computer desk and computer chair. Second priority is my mattress and headboard. Of course I added some smaller things like pillows, bowls, rugs and comforters, etc. so that my broke and college slaves can also participate in the fun.

Rewards for Furnishing the new FL Jax Pad

Gifts Under $100 (Total of all gifts purchased)

You will receive: Introduction Video from Master Jax showing off some of the items purchased during Jaxmas and his huge bulge and feet. Master Jax will remind you why he deserves all these amazing gifts and why you need to keep working to buy even more. This video will be sent right after the item has been purchased for immediate faggot gratification.

You will also receive the Jax Pad Gift Opening Video in April after Master Jax moves back to Florida and gets all the gifts that have been piling up. In this video Master Jax will open each his new gifts and name each faggot based on the included packing slip. Make sure to include a note with your gift when you are checking out through Amazon and include your slave name.

Gifts over $100 (Total of all gifts purchased)

You will receive the Introduction Video & the Gift Opening Video listed above. You will also receive Jax Pad Verbal Humiliation and Bare Foot Video. In this video Master Jax will show off his new gifts while verbally humiliating all the top fags by name. If you spend over $100 on gifts, you will be called out for the major cash slave you are. This video only goes to those spending over $100. Make sure to email Master Jax and let him know when you buy gifts so your totals can be recorded. Jax10060@gmail.com

Gifts over $300 (Total of all gifts purchased)

Slaves who purchase gifts with a combined total over $300 will get the videos listed above AND a video of Master Jax shirtless verbally humiliating them while showing off the gifts purchased by the slave.

Gifts over $1000 (Total of all gifts purchased)

Faggots who spend more than $1000 on gifts from my Wishlist will get the videos listed above AND a custom video based on that particular faggots weaknesses and what the faggot loves most about his Master including feet, spit, cock, piss, verbal…

***All slaves who buy gifts can expect to be mentioned randomly in various shout-outs in Twitter, Dominants, YouTube, MasterJax.com, Tumblr, Newsletters, etc. ***

Here is a vid of me opening my Jaxmas Gifts. I will make another of me opening all my gifts for the new Florida Jax Pad.

You faggots are the luckiest fucks on Earth to have someone like me to serve. I give you slaves so many opportunities to sacrifice on my behalf, and it brings me immense pleasure to see all this cash flowing out of you. You are a team of fag slaves working to make my life better and better.

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Click Here to Check Out The Jax Pad Amazon Wishlist